FIFA 18 follows the same viewpoint off the pitch


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FIFA 18 follows the same viewpoint off the pitch as it really does on it- one of development rather than revolution. Last year’s game made the head lines thanks to its flashy brand new story focused mode the Journey, and this year, FIFA 18 gives players the chance to buy fifa 18 coins perform through its sequel, to find out how rising star Alex Hunter’s career’s second time of year plays out. If you loved the dramatic and captivating story of the young soccer star’s rise to popularity in FIFA 17, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy their second season as well. There is more of everything that made his or her debut stand out last year- smart writing, likeable figures, and a genuine love for your sport that has been crammed in to every second of the encounter.

But if you’re expecting The actual Journey Returns to make profit on the amazing potential associated with its predecessor and become a beast of its own, you might come away disappointed. Most of the flaws that plagued the actual mode in last year’s game are still present right here, while not many demanded enhancements have been made. A lot of the cutscene animations are choppy, lips syncing is often hilariously poor, choices made by players nevertheless mean next to nothing, and lots of the times the dialogue options are meaningless, with all of all of them ultimately saying the same thing, however in different words and different shades. The end result is that while this year’s The Journey still feels as though a story worth experience for just about any and all football enthusiasts available, it also feels like a serious disappointment. Having set up a solid base last year, EA Sports may have made The Journey some thing truly special in FIFA 18, but rather than creating some much needed improvements as well as fixing a lot of significant problems, Alex Hunter’s second period plays it disappointingly safe.

Do not get me wrong, The Journey is a blast, and FIFA 18 gets a lot of points with regard to weaving a genuinely fascinating story around a well-written and also likeable protagonist, with performances from superstars such as Rio de janeiro Ferdinand and Cristiano Cr7 to keep football aficianados connected as well, but then again, that was almost all true a year ago as well. Occasionally more is indeed better, however after such a strong presentación season, maybe I just anticipated something even more, something really special from Alex Hunter’s second season.

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