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Lucy Dec 20 '17
I for almost anything that stops Big Tobacco and their lobbyists from marketing smokes to kids, like Joe Camel. About time someone stood up to these greedy companies. Update: While it might be time to stand up to Big Tobacco, unfortunately, this bill looks more like it laying down. According to Dr. Do ya know who wrote that "bill"? Would it surprise you if I told you it was Phillip Morris? Now, if that doesn tell the sheeple of the US who owns the government, nothing will! "I would say so. The bill was negotiated between Philip Morris and Tobacco-Free Kids, and it appears from the actual text of the bill that the Philip Morris people did their homework very well and knew exactly what they wanted, while those appointed from Tobacco-Free Kids to negotiate on behalf of the public health community really had no understanding of tobacco-related science, of how and why kids initiate tobacco use, or the steps that could be taken to stop them. So it resulted in a bill that gives the appearance of effective regulation, but not the substance. It seems incredible and uncivilised to me to have a first world country where companies aim to addict children._ Any remaining tobacco-related sponsorships of sports and entertainment events will be banned, as will giveaways of non-tobacco items with the purchase of a tobacco product. A federal ban will be imposed on all outdoor tobacco advertising within 1,000 feet of schools and playgrounds. _ Point-of-sale advertising will be limited to adults-only facilities, and remaining vending machines will disappear except in places restricted to adults. Retailers who sell to minors will be subject to federal enforcement and penalties Buy A Carton Of Newports Online. _ Smokers, particularly the younger crowd, will find they can no longer buy cigarettes sweetened by candy flavors or any herb or spices such as strawberry, grape, orange, clove, cinnamon or vanilla. If we don start standing up for our rights were going to lose em all sure you may not like smoking as i don but there is a bigger picture to be noticed here today it tobacco tomorrow it could be the Government making us all wear the same looking clothes and giving us a manditoy bedtime . I only read the first few paragraphs and I am all for it Buy Newports Online Cheap. Being one who has smoked countless brands of tobacco, I can say from experience that the cigarettes that contain additives are actually more harmful than the cigarettes that don When I smoked all natural tobacco like American Spirit, I would very rarely get sick, but with most other brands, I would have lung troubles, sinus issues, and I would get sick very frequently. It about time they did something about it Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. I don care what the warning labels say, all natural tobacco is less harmful than tobacco with additives. Compared to Australian anti smoking laws its timid. being an ex smoker I will say the same things I have said about Australian laws. " its BULLSHIT!!! ", any and I repeat ANY government that brings in these laws and still has the total audacity and hyporcy to collect and raise taxes is wrong and two faced to the max. Its a legal product and you have to be over a certain age to buy the bloody things anyway and its up to the INDIVIDUAL if they choose to smoke or not to smoke Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Why not make the age 18 to be able to buy smokes and leave it at that Good Marlboro Cigarettes. your an adult at that age and have the right to make up your own mind about this, the Governments of the world should be targeting " additives " which are flooding food and drink which kill and do more damage to a wider percent of the population than what smoking does . the bloody dogooders have won again!!!!
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