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How to improve the Newport box 100s data middle construction in the tobacco market?
With the deepening of information building, tobacco enterprises have gathered a lot of basic data, and much more and more enterprises hope to dig deep into the "treasure" from these types of historical data. At the same time, several enterprises only do some easy, local and shallow inquiries on existing data, along with lack comprehensive analysis of those data. Therefore , tobacco businesses need to build data centre, and to effectively integrate and create full use of enterprise info resources, make the enterprise administrators can fully master the different basic Newport 100s data, timely, precise, and intelligent analysis of such Cartons Newports data, improve the decision-making control is scientific tobacco smoke production and operation, 3 levels of the construction of the business data center. The construction of information center of tobacco organization includes planning, design in addition to application.
The use of information sources planning tools for worldwide business flow and info flow on combing as well as analysis of business model, files model and information resources administration standards, provide theoretical foundation for the construction of data facility design level.