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Zhang Wen Feb 9

The Kentucky Derby is as well known for women’s derby hats as it is for fiercely competitive horse racing. The theme of the Kentucky is always the same: bold Gil Brazil Jersey , beautiful and daring. No other event on earth is quite the same as this one.
According to the Huffington Post, the Kentucky derby is “famous for the hottest hats this side of the Atlantic.” In order to find hottest hats, four factors should be taken into account: height, width, embellishment and drama.
Building height is necessary in order to create an amazing hat. Height is an essential element to the derby hat: in fact, the higher the hat the better. Many English derby hats and Dallas derby hats are designed so that they set perfectly on the crown of the head. The hair should have enough room to breathe Ganso Brazil Jersey , especially since the races take place during the hot summer season.
Brim width needs to be extreme. Many celebrity hats are wide brimmed and do a very good job of accenting the eyes and smile. With a wide hat, cheekbones are highlighted as well. Sun hats are a great choice for the derby, especially since the sun beats down on the crowd. Vanity fans pair very well with dramatic derby hats.
Fabulous hats that end up in the news are dripping with luxurious embellishments. Satin hat bands, silk flowers, real flowers, ostrich and other exotic bird feathers Gabriel Brazil Jersey , beads, jewels and more are perfectly suited to this event. Many women choose to go with a brightly colored solid hat and later add accessories in order to create the look they want. Most choose to embellish their derby hats with colored lying directly across the color wheel from each other. Doing this makes the hats really pop with color. Just be sure that the hat you choose compliments your coloring!
Face shape should be a factor in the type of hat chosen. Round faces look great in boxy hats. If a piece like this is selected, be sure to purchase one in a brilliant color with plenty of flowers andor feathers. Fabulous hats like those worn by Princess Kate are a great example of what to look for. Square jawed women do well with wide brimmed sun hats, and those with heart shaped faces look great in asymmetrical derby hats.
No matter what your style, face shape or budget, there’s a hat out there for you. Contact us today to discuss the hottest hats for you : http:www.mariamsfashion
Construction is vital part of America’s growth and development Filipe Luis Brazil Jersey , though the industry has struggled recently due to the recession that started in 2008. Months into 2012, McGraw-Hill has published a forecast on the amount of business that construction companies can expect this year. Because of the ongoing struggles in the construction industry, the business is predicted to fluctuate throughout the year.

The most optimistic numbers from McGraw-Hill’s research indicate potential growth in single and multifamily housing, as well as commercial building. Single-family housing is expected to grow 10% in dollars and multifamily housing may rise up to18% in dollars and experience a 17% rise in units. Though single-family housing is still lower than before 2008, the beginning of the “Great Recession”, the forecasted growth in multifamily homes is a good sign of business to come. The decline in single-family homes can be directly attributed to houses being foreclosed and the related economic paralysis that has struck many American families.

Commercial building is expected to increase by 8% Fernandinho Brazil Jersey , namely because of projects like warehouses and hotels. However, the study concludes that construction of stores and offices will continue to remain slow. Because the amount of goods exported from the U.S. is increasing, manufacturing buildings are expected to see an increase of 4%, building off of a 35% jump in 2011. This increase is due the decreasing value of the dollar, while foreign currencies and goods continue to flourish.

Although this growth could yield a number of opportunities for construction workers and companies, there are still struggles in other areas of the business. Institutional buildings Fagner Brazil Jersey , public works construction, and electric utilities are all expected to falter or decline this year. Institutional buildings are expected to drop another 2% after a 15% decline in 2011. Due to fiscal concerns, most schools and hospitals anticipate making little to no adjustment via construction work. Public works construction may decline as much as 5%, continuing the 16% decrease in 2011 caused by spending cuts and lack of political concern for highway and road renovation. The final forecast McGraw-Hill makes in its 2012 study is that electric utilities will fall by about 24%. In summary, work in the construction field will be a rewarding, but not always stable Fabinho Brazil Jersey , source of employment in this year.

The McGraw-Hill research also includes an examination of U.S. cities with prospering construction industries. These metropolitan areas are expected to present the best opportunities for construction work. The top five cities include Washington D.C., Austin, San Francisco, New York, and Boston. Construction work in New York City and Washington D.C. was also cited by Forbes as part of a list of cities with the most new construction. From renovation projects to major expansions, construction jobs are bound to continue increasing in these cities. It is important to remember that the data from this study is based on prediction and extrapolation Elias Brazil Jersey , not set-in-stone facts. The construction community is rebuilding at a slow pace, but jobs are readily available in specific industries and locations.

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