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The McLennan County district attorneys office in Waco, Texas, has asked Baylor for full access to an investigation of the universitys handling of allegations of sexual assault committed by students, including Bears football players, ESPN has learned. Cheap Kings Jerseys .Sources told ESPN that the DAs office has relayed an informal request to Baylor officials for access to the information from the Pepper Hamilton investigation. The DAs office is seeking to determine if the findings contain evidence of additional crimes by student-athletes, sources said.Prosecutors also want to know if there is evidence of criminal conduct by Baylor coaches, faculty or staff in connection with sexual assaults by students.Three Baylor football players have been indicted for sexual assault and crimes against women in the past four years. Former defensive end Shawn Oakman was indicted by a McLennan County grand jury on charges of second-degree felony sexual assault last month. Defensive ends Tevin Elliott and Sam Ukwuachu were convicted of sexual assault in 2014 and 2015, respectively.On Monday, Baylor offensive lineman Rami Hammad was arrested by Baylor police on charges of felony stalking after his former girlfriend reported several instances in which he allegedly tracked her down, harassed her and twice physically assaulted her, including once at Baylors athletic facilities on campus.Hammad, a 21-year-old junior from Irving, Texas, is out on bond after he was arrested Monday and booked into McLennan County Jail on a third-degree felony stalking charge. He has been suspended from all team activities associated with Baylor football, pending resolution of this issue, university officials announced Tuesday.At the center of the Baylor scandal is the Pepper Hamilton investigation. In September, after Ukwuachu was convicted of sexually assaulting a female soccer player, then-university president Kenneth Starr hired the Philadelphia law firm to investigate the way Baylor handled allegations of sexual assault involving students. Two of the law firms partners, Gina Maisto Smith and Leslie Gomez, said they reviewed one million pieces of information -- from emails to personnel files to police reports -- and interviewed more than 65 people while investigating the universitys response to allegations of sexual assault.Smith and Gomez, both former assistant district attorneys, made an oral presentation to the Baylor board of regents after completing their inquiry in late May. Their findings were stark: The investigators reported widespread failures in the schools Title IX process and voiced concerns about the tone and culture within Baylors football program.The report found evidence of staff members discouraging students from reporting sexual assault and, in one case, the investigators found that administrators retaliated against a student who had reported an assault. ?Actively deterring or preventing someone from reporting a crime to law enforcement can be considered a crime in and of itself.According to multiple sources, the regents were told not to take written notes and the presentation by Smith and Gomez wasnt included in the meetings minutes. Under the advice of legal counsel, Baylor officials wanted to eliminate any sort of paper trail, while controlling what was revealed to the public, according to sources. All that was made public was a 13-page summary of the Pepper Hamilton report. Its release set in motion the suspension and firing of Baylor football coach Art Briles, athletic director Ian McCaws resignation and Starr stepping down from his leadership positions at the school (though he has remained on as a law professor).Yet, a full report -- and whatever revelations it might contain -- has remained elusive.Interim Baylor president David Garland and other key administrators insist that it doesnt even exist. Others believe a full written-out report does exist, and is probably being kept at Pepper Hamiltons office in Philadelphia.Whatever exact form the results of the investigation have taken, though, this much is certain: Pepper Hamilton possesses all of the information its investigators found -- the who, what, where, when of numerous incidents dating back to 2012, all tracked in the volumes of notes the law firm referenced in the 13-page summary finding of fact.According to people familiar with the investigation, Baylor officials didnt want possession of written work so they could dodge subpoena requests from victims attorneys and law enforcement, or requests from regulators, such as the NCAA and U.S. Department of Education. (As a private institution, Baylor is not subject to state open-records laws.) But that doesnt mean there arent plenty of people seeking a complete accounting of Pepper Hamiltons findings.Supporters of Briles and Starr have asked Baylor to release the investigations full findings to provide justification for why the men lost their jobs. Meanwhile, former Baylor assistant athletic director Thomas Hill, who believes he was improperly fired as a result of the Pepper Hamilton inquiry, asked a Texas court last month to order Baylor to turn over a full accounting -- or, at the very least, the attorneys work product, including interviews, emails, phone records and recordings.The Big 12 Conference also has asked Baylor officials for a full report twice -- to no avail.Garland and Baylor board of regents chairman Ronald Murff have said federal student privacy laws prevent the university from releasing further details resulting from Pepper Hamiltons investigation. Other universities have undertaken similar investigations, some even done by Pepper Hamilton, and have released detailed reports while redacting students identities. Federal student privacy laws include a specific exemption that allows release of certain information from disciplinary procedures involving crimes of violence or those of a sexual nature.Garland said the regents did not request a written report because they did not want to waste time.Frankly, they [regents] didnt ask for a report, Garland told ESPN. The reason is from what Ive been told is that we wanted to find out what went wrong as quickly as possible and how to fix it.Baylors problems might go deeper than the Pepper Hamilton report, which investigated events dating back to 2012.Last month, lawyers for Jasmin Hernandez, who has chosen to be publicly identified as a victim of Elliott, amended her federal Title IX lawsuit to include a reported gang rape by Baylor football players in 2011 against an unidentified female student. Hernandezs attorneys are trying to prove that Baylor officials knew of a culture of inappropriate sexual conduct by its football players long before her incident. Even with so much unresolved, Garland told ESPN he would not want to read a full report.For me it is absolutely not necessary to know the salacious details, Garland said. I need to know this happened, this did not happen and heres what we need to do.Last month, Baylor officials negotiated a financial settlement with Briles, paying him between $15 million and $20 million, according to people familiar with the settlement. The university worked quickly to pay off Briles to prevent him from testifying in pending federal Title IX lawsuits filed by sexual assault victims, the sources said. NCAA rules might prevent him from returning immediately to a college sideline, but he could coach elsewhere.In an interview with ESPN, Garland, a professor of Christian scriptures at Baylors George W. Truett Theological Seminary who is in his second stint as interim president, spoke glowingly of Briles.Art Briles is a very honorable man, Garland said, just a month after the coach was fired for overseeing a program that was found to be indifferent to accusations of rape. He is an outstanding coach. I have the deepest respect for him.Tulsa coach Philip Montgomery, who worked with Briles at Houston and Baylor from 2003 to 14, told ESPN on Tuesday that he expects Briles to return to coaching soon.The mans been a fighter his whole life, Montgomery said. He aint going to lay down now.Sources familiar with the cases say Baylor could be on the hook for as much as $30 million to settle individual claims with the women suing the school. In addition to the three Title IX lawsuits that have already been filed, at least two more cases involving Baylor football players could be filed in the near future. Attorneys representing the eight women who have already filed indicated that Baylor officials are aggressively trying to settle the claims to avoid embarrassing depositions and exposure in court cases.So far, the NCAA has not said whether its investigating Baylor after the school announced in May that it had self-reported violations related to its sexual-assault scandal. Garland said school officials met with the NCAA regarding possible violations in May but said he hasnt heard from the NCAA since then. Sources familiar with the case say that Baylor might be disciplined by the NCAA for providing its football players with free or discounted legal services when they ran afoul of the law.In 2013, the NCAA placed Montanas football program on three years probation for similar violations. Any NCAA investigation could take several months -- longer if theres a criminal investigation going on at the same time and the NCAA has to wait to interview victims, witnesses and possible suspects. The NCAA could impose a bevy of penalties, including forfeiture of scholarships and a postseason ban. Cheap Sacramento Kings Jerseys . LOUIS -- Attorneys for the St. Wholesale Kings Jerseys . -- Arizona knocked off some quality opponents, rolled over a few overmatched ones and grinded out victories even when things didnt go so well. . Fernandez, coached in Toronto by former two-time Olympic silver medallist Brian Orser, scored 267.11 points and is the first champion to successfully defend since Russias Evgeny Plushenko in 2005 and 2006. The Big East has nothing to prove.Lets start there, because by now, questions about the leagues viability -- whether it could survive the great college sports realignment of 2010s as a post-schism, basketball-only affair -- feel pretty silly. Of course?it is viable; of course?it can survive. If three years of quality basketball and a 50 percent NCAA tournament appearance average didnt seal the deal, Ryan Arcidiaconos dumpoff to a trailing Kris Jenkins signed those terms on the line which is dotted.By now, there is nothing surprising about the words Big East and good being used in close proximity. Even so, around the league, there remains a barely concealed need to repeatedly prove this status is deserved. League officials will privately fret about media coverage and mindshare. Fans will reply to any overview of the league -- even glowing praise -- with scores of mildly passive-aggressive tweets. Its as if each new AP poll or big hoops weekend is one more referendum on an existential question that no longer needs asking. Its kind of weird.Relative to the rest of the sport, the big hoops weekend at hand is a disproportionately big one for the Big East. Three of the leagues extremely impressive top four teams (No. 1 Villanova, No. 13 Xavier, No. 16 Butler) are all facing quality high-major competition, while a probably-underrated NCAA tournament-level upstart (Marquette) has an opportunity for a major win by way of a heated in-state rivalry.Oh, and thats big in normal terms, by the way -- not existential ones. The stakes simply arent that high, nor should they be. And anyway, if you needed more arbitrary proof of the Big Easts ongoing vitality (and you didnt, we promise!), you could also note this: With maybe two exceptions (maybe No. 5 Duke at UNLV and/or Michigan at No. 2 UCLA), if you find yourself watching interesting basketball this weekend, youll be watching the Big East.No. 1 Villanova vs. No. 23 Notre Dame, Saturday, noon ETVillanovas?Josh Hart is awesome. Last seasons quietest All-American-level player (maybe the least heralded star of any national title team ever) is even better so far this season. Hes averaging more points (17.6) than a season ago (15.5) despite taking fewer shots, in large part because because hes shooting 44 percent from 3 and (gulp) 63 percent from 2. Hart has suddenly become a much more capable distributor, though his turnover rate has remained low, and at 6-foot-6, hes still the teams second-best defensive rebounder -- the crucial reason coach Jay Wrights devastating undersized scoring lineups are practicable on both ends of the floor.For what its worth, Notre Dame knows this blueprint well. Bonzie Colson, the Irishs 6-foot-5 power forward/sometimes center, is arguably the seasons leading spokesman for the benefits of new-age positional versatility. The Irish dont guard like Villanova, and that may be the difference here, but the fact of the matter is that they match up witth the reigning champs -- stylistically, philosophically and dimensionally -- as well or better than any team in the country. Cheap Kings Jerseys China. . At minimum, this neutral-floor game in Newark, New Jersey, should be a joy to watch.No. 22 Cincinnati at No. 16 Butler, Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ETUConns sundry crimes against the sport of basketball and/or humanity (even in wins!) arent the only reason Cincinnati has emerged as the clear front-runner in the American. The Bearcats deserve plenty of credit, too. Last weeks overtime victory in Ames, Iowa, was the stuff NCAA tournament runs are made of -- great defense and great offensive rebounding travel well. Good news, too, because Butler wing Kelan Martin is one of the nations high-volume breakout stars. He is using nearly a third of the Bulldogs available possessions, hoisting more than a third of its available shots, shooting it well enough (54 percent from 2, 33 percent from 3) and getting to the line all the time. Martin is just the tip of a deceptively balanced, efficient offensive spear for one of the surprise teams of the nonconference slate.Utah at No. 13 Xavier, Saturday, 5:30 p.m. ETWhat did we grok from the Musketeers 76-61 loss at Baylor last weekend? That Baylor coach Scott Drews team is really, legitimately good. Good enough, in fact, to survive a typically well-coached, hard-nosed Xavier team for about 35 hard-fought minutes -- just in time to break things open late. The Musketeers played well, hung in and lost to a really good team in a true road game in December. Nothing to worry about there. Indeed, this matchup might tell us a good deal more about the Utes than their hosts. Utahs 6-1 record comprises a home loss to Butler and wins over Coppin State, UC Riverside, Montana State, Utah Valley, Northwest Nazarene, Concordia (Oregon), the latter two of which arent Division I teams.No. 17 Wisconsin at Marquette, Saturday, 2 p.m. ETWhile the Big Easts top four have been good thus far -- and the above three teams, plus Creighton, deserve any and all praise shoveled their way -- there may be more to the league. Seton Hall and Providence have looked plenty spry in the early going. Georgetown, like love, is a mysterious fig; who knows where the Hoyas will be in a month? But of the leagues middle, perhaps no team contains as much quiet potential as Marquette. The Golden Eagles got blitzed by Michigan at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 17, and followed up with a close loss to Pitt the next night, which has made it easy to overlook an offense that is A) shooting the ball extremely well from just about everywhere and B) rarely turning it over. Coming off 89 points in 71 possessions in a win at Georgia last week, Marquette has a chance -- at home, even if a few Badger fans invade -- to introduce this scoring prowess to a far wider audience. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '