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FIFA 17 News: Fake Throw-In and Touchline Movement Joins as New Features

With all the hype building around FIFA 17, we can only imagine the drove of fans lining up for September 27th, the initial release date. One things for sure, Coins FIFA 17 EA is addressing some long unresolved issues as well as providing intriguing additions such as more women’s international teams and the first ever story mode. One special improvement EA has made, the set piece rewrite, is the freedom to control the player in the dead ball possession. EA describes it as:“The set piece rewrite gives you more creativity, variety and control in the most decisive moments of any match. Cheap FIFA 17 Coins Now you have the freedom to position your player and dictate their approach on dead balls, allowing for a wider variety when taking free kicks and penalties.”Thanks to the sneak peek from the video below, there’s even more reason to get hyped up.
  • Created: Jul 16 '16
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